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As with most high end audio gear we advertise near MSRP, please call for our best price. In most cases we will not be undersold. We fully support the Swan / HiVi line and that is why we offer 24 hour support everyday of the year at 1-866-651-0049. We offer installation services anywhere in the US.

High End speakers can be very hard to find in most locations, let alone displayed properly. That is why we offer the CP promise. If a person would like to hear and experience this system CP will pay for the air fare to get a person to our showroom. (This applies when speakers are purchased. In the event speakers are not purchased we will pay ½ the air fare. This is how sure we are that you will enjoy these products as much as we do.) Please contact us to set up your appointment today.


For those that want the basic performance of our M808 Home Audio Speaker but don’t need the high SPL levels or want something a little smaller there’s the M806. Based on the M808, the M806 uses the same modern approach to acoustic engineering and design but with smaller woofers and 10 inches less in height.


You get everything you get with the M808 – that famous Swans speaker build quality, the smooth-sounding and well-balanced system response and the famous outstanding fit and finish. The difference lies with the woofer size and the power handling capabilities.


The front baffle is sculptured to reduce edge diffraction enhancing imaging while providing a dramatic look to the design. Crystal clear high-frequency response is delivered by a metal dome tweeter implemented the right way – yes a metal dome tweeter chosen as much for its fast system response as it’s smooth sounding performance. It’s perfectly matched with a 6.5-inch mid-bass driver offering high frequency and midrange response that’s honest, natural and very musical.


Two 6.5-inch woofers were chosen to match up with the tweeter and midrange drivers producing an abundance of low bass energy. The woofers are loaded into a well-braced, heavy-duty MDF transmission line enclosure that effortlessly provides ultralow, 38Hz bass frequencies.


Of course that famous fit and finish that Swans is known for can be found in the rich wood veneer sides and high quality construction. The enclosure is canted slightly back to direct sound to multiple sitting heights. This system can handle a reasonable amount of power (up to 120 watts) which makes it a perfect match for most of the A/V receivers being sold today. You can expect to enjoy wide range, dynamic system response and tight, powerful bass for recordings of all genres and eras


( Please Note: In the personal Photo, the larger pair of speakers are the M808. The smaller set of speakers are the M806. These are sold seperatlly. ) 

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