Swan M6HT

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Product Details:

    Swans M6HT is HiVi's M series newest creation, using high quality solid wood cabinets precisely combined with the drivers. Whether used to listen to a HiFi source or today's high definition sound tracks, the dynamic of these speakers will emerge.

    The solid wood cabinets of the M6HT were lovingly designed by HiVi's Engineer. The front panel is very solid, made from two layers low resonant, high density natural wood. The interior cabinet design has multiple ring-like braces to greatly reduce low frequency resonance, to ensure the system's consistent performance with high dynamics.

    The M6HT adopts one of the newest systems of HiVi's electro-acoustiscs technology, including the newest generation of ribbon tweeters, and HiVi's 50mm soft dome midrange driver with 6.5" woofer with a Kevlar cone. The new generation of ribbon tweeter possesses a larger and more efficient membrane. It can process high power input, has an extremely broad frequency response band, provides extremely quick transient response which far surpasses the traditional tweeter, and can reproduce the high frequencies in great detail. Swans soft dome midrange is responsible for the midrange frequencies so the system becomes more available in the human voice reproduction assignment. M6HT adopts the latest developed 6.5" woofer; the cone uses black Kevlar to accurately reproduce the sound and low frequency dynamics.

    The high quality solid wood cabinets and the elegant appearance in addition to HiVi's professional acoustics technology, makes the M6HT the new generation of superb sound quality.

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