Extended Warranty


The manufacturers' warranty information listed anywhere on this site is presented as a general guide and should not be applied to any television that you intend to buy or have bought. Specific product warranty information can be found on the manufacturers web site or on there warranty page included with each unit, since warranty information is subject to change.



All our Products come with at least a 1 year manufacturer warranty unless otherwise noted. Cleveland Plasma also offers extended warranties. When choosing an extended warranty for your Plasma Display it is extremely important to choose a company that will be there for you in the future and that stands behind their Service Policy. We offer these 3 extended warranties below. Click on the logo's below to be forwarded to the companies web site.







We can offer Extended Warranties on any make, model, and year electronic devise as long as it has at least 90 days left on original warranty for parts and labor. It does not mater were it was bought from or the technology type of television or monitor. Warranties are available in 2, 3 or 4 year programs. These warranties are sold by tier pricing. Please call for more information or check out warranty prices on the left control bar of our website. ( Mack camara warranties are priced as they are our warranty company of choice, but other policies above are available. )